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Blood Pressure Monitor

Traditionally, blood pressure monitors were only accessible in the doctor’s office. Therefore, for a patient to know their blood pressure, they would have to see a doctor. The medical personnel will use an older sphygmomanometer and a stethoscope to measure the blood pressure and heart Nowadays, the modern electronic blood pressure meter helps measure blood pressure and individuals’ heart rate. This technology is so advanced and portable that measurements can quickly be done within the patient’s home. This development has made it easier for people to manage their health effectively.

1. Description of a Blood Pressure Meter

A modern blood pressure meter is a medical device with an electronic mechanism and user interface powered by a battery source. It is made of an inflatable medical cuff, an air pump, and a pressure detector. The medical cuff is connected to the device through a tube that allows air to pass through. Additionally, the blood pressure monitor has a digital display and buttons, which enable users to operate the device. However, the exact structure of each device varies from one manufacturer to another. Nonetheless, the principle of operation is the same.

2. Function of a Blood Pressure Monitor

This device’s primary function is to let a doctor or a patient know the patient’s blood pressure. Also, it performs a secondary function of measuring the heart rate of a patient. Knowing these parameters is key to overall health, especially for those with advanced age or ongoing medical conditions. Patients that are hypertensive or suffer from low blood pressure should always have a blood pressure monitor next to them. This tool allows them to measure their blood pressure when they begin to feel the signs of elevated blood pressure values. Suppose their pressure is elevated above a normal threshold. In that case, they can quickly look for remedies to help them reduce the value to an accepted figure. Also, the device helps to inform patients when they must seek emergency help. Patients with other chronic illnesses should also periodically use a blood pressure meter to monitor their health. Also, the American Heart Association recommends that each household should have at least one heart rate monitor for periodic measurement.

3. How to use a Blood Pressure Monitor

To measure the blood pressure, a person powers the blood pressure monitor. Next, they slip the inflatable cuff onto their upper arm. When the cuff is tightly secured, the person can click on the blood pressure device’s start button. The air pump of the device begins to pump air through the tube and into the cuff. The cuff fills with air and exerts pressure on the arm. After a few seconds, the cuff deflates, and the device displays the measured values.

4. Readings

All readings should be taken when the patient is seated unless otherwise stated by a medical professional. The range of blood pressure values that are considered normal varies as a result of age, gender, and body mass index.

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